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Performance Based Marketing

Nexgen Local Marketing offers many performance-based marketing services to help small businesses that are on a tight budget. With this option, you can pay us after we perform. Now with this option there are contracts that must be signed because we are spending our money upfront to bring you clients.

Here are some of the ways in which this works:

PAY PER APPOINTMENT – Exclusive to one company

Our Appointment service is built for small service-based businesses. The way this service works is we pay for ADS and send the laser-targeted traffic to a landing page that is designed to convert into booked appointments with people looking for your service. Once someone books the appointment, that information appears on your calendar, and their information is sent exclusively to you so that you can confirm the appointment. At the end of the week, we send you an invoice and you pay us based on what we delivered.

This is a great service for those in the service industry, such as contractors, roofers and plumbers. You can also use this service for other types of businesses.

Pay Per Call – Exclusive Lead Referrals

Our Pay Per Call service is designed to get your phones ringing daily with new clients that would be interested in your product or service. This service is accomplished by us advertising online either on Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram or sometimes on Billboard’s. Whenever someone sees our Ads and if they need that service that is being advertised, they call the number that they see (which belongs to us) and the call is redirected to your company. All you have to do is just pick up the phone on your end and speak with them directly. We give you a way to track all the calls and performance. At the end of the week we send you an invoice that needs to be paid to keep the service going. All the calls that come in are exclusive to your company.

Revenue Sharing

There are some cases where we will partner with a company after we’ve worked together long enough and do a revenue share based on the income that was generated from the appointments, leads, or phone calls that we produced. We don’t get involved with running the business, our only job is to keep the marketing going. This type of service will require a contract with the owner of the company.